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"Mexican Gastronomy, cook Pozole Jalisco Style"


*for main dish*                    
        *for the complement*
6 cups of cacahuacintle corn                  1 chopped lettuce  
12 medium portions of pork meat
         4 sliced radishes  
8 (optional) dried guajillo chili                 2 chopped onions    
1 garlic head                                             6 sliced lemons
1 white onion                                              dried oregano  
2 bay leaf                                                    powdered piquín chili
salt                                                              tostada corn shells


1.  Cook the corn in 20 cups of water with the onion, salt and the garlic.  When corn is almost done, add the meat.

2.  Take out and slice the meat when cooked.

3.  THIS STEP IS OPTIONAL.  IF YOU ARE NOT USED TO CHILI FLAVOR, TRY TO AVOID IT OR USE LESS AMMOUNT.    Remove the chili veins, keep in water for a while and blend them.  Add this paste to the corn water with the bay leaf and keep cooking until corn is soft and tender.

4.  If you skip step 3, only keep the corn cooking until well done.

5.  COMPLEMENTS:  When serving, place as a complement the sliced radish, the lettuce, the chopped onion , the oregano, piquín chili and lemon.  Put the sliced meat in a bowl and let everybody serve their choice.

Serving suggestion:
Serve this mexican dish in a very nice pottery dishware.  All the complements can be arranged in small dishes around the table.  Place fresh tostada corn shells in an extended plate and enjoy this with a folkloric linen and tableware.


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