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"Tlaquepaque Jalisco Mexico and its great pottery tradition"


     The mexican crafts enthusiasts must visit a very interesting and colorful town nerby Guadalajara, Jalisco.  (Later on we will comment on this beautiful city).  It is called Tlaquepaque.

     In ancient times, Tlaquepaque was a separate village, but now a days it has been embraced by the big city.  For many years it has been considered redoubt of artisans and bohemians. 

    Visitors can find "thousands" of stores holding a large variety of fine and original crafts such as ceramic and stoneware articles, blown glass, remarkable papier-mch figures and brass ornaments.  You can visit the "Ceramic Museum" in Independencia Street #237 ( open Monday-Saturday 10:00 to 14:00 hrs.) where a wonderful documented history of traditional ceramic is exhibited, from the most simple prehispanic pieces to the contemporary microwave ceramic appliances.

alfareroAll and more is discovered by the visitor as he walks in direction to "El Parin".   Surrounded by an arcade, this is located mid-downtown and holds all kinds of typical restaurants and bars.  You can enjoy the fine tequila; ask for a pozole or for a lonche ahogado (traditional pork sandwich drowned in tomatoe sauce).  The sones executed by mariachi groups can be listened here practically all day long.  During weekends and feasts it entirely becomes a folkloric festival location, colored by tourists and visitors. 

     Finally, as you leave this magical place, take a moment to admire the ancient colonial houses that are kept in magnificent condition.

TRAVEL TIP:  If you plan to visit Jalisco, please take into consideration that the rainy season covers from May to October.  Winter is the dryest season, having January as the coldest month.  May and June are considered high-temperature months.  The average temperature during the year around the coast-line of Jalisco is 26C, having 20C as the inland average.

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Tlaquepaque Jalisco Mexico and its great pottery tradition.

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