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The Blown Glass Technique is used now a days by artisans in México and other countries. 

     It consists in blowing through a pipe onto a red-hot glass mass, heated in a special oven.  As the artisan blows, he can start molding the piece by turning it around with the pipe.  When the piece starts cooling, using the apropriate tools, any figures can be molded.

     Color is added to the glass to give it a wonderful look, tones and effects.  Some very experienced artisans add effect such as small bubbles in the inside of some pieces.  You can find blue-ribbed cups, glasses and jars.  Colorfull dotted salad bowls, tequila "caballitos" with nopal plants, ornaments, and much more!!

     One characteristic of this art is that each piece is hand made, you won't find two identical objects.  They differ a little in shape, color tint, or maybe in thickness.

"Mexican Blown Glass, an Ancient Technique"


BUYING TIP:  When buying blown glass, consider the total number of pieces you will need in order to receive them with the same color mixture tint and preparation as they can vary from artisan to artisan.  Remember:   THEY ARE UNIQUE HAND MADE PIECES.

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