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"Veracruz, The Charm Of Its Coasts"


A tour of the endless Veracruz seaboard is a treasure trove of serene natural landscapes.  From the port itself we can detect, in the distance, the marvelous view of the central Veracruz coast; numerous islands like the Sacrificios and La de Enmedio, Verde and Cancuncito among others, as well as the coral reefs that comprise the recently proclaimed Coral Reef Reserve.

 You can depart either from the port of Veracruz or from Punta Antón Lizardo to embark on an extremely enjoyable tour of the islands.  The boat sails slowly to the Isla de Enmedio, excellent for camping and diving among the shallow fanciful coral clusters.  It is the ideal place for appreciating the seclusion and tranquility of its beaches.

 The next morning you can continue your trip by skirting the coast opposite this reef zone, following the expanse of terra firma known as “La Mixtequilla” until you reach the Papaloapan basin with the Mandinga Lagoon and the Conchal estuary that connects it with the ocean.   Here you can take a delightful boat ride among the estuaries and sample the delicious seafood that has accorded this region of Veracruz its well-deserved fame.


Veracruz musicians 

Further south, the waters of the gulf constantly bathe the charming city of Tlacotalpan, “the jewel of the Papaloapan”, where the wind blows from north to south, carrying countless anecdotes from travelers and troubadours that evoke the secrets of the sea.  Due to its architectonic beauty and historical significance, this coastal village was recently incorporated into the UNESCO’s World Heritage List.   It also serves as the site for the annual gathering of musicians, singers and performers called jaraneros who have found in Tlacotalpan the ideal outlet for their artistic manifestations.


 If you decide to visit the region north of the port of Veracruz, you will come upon an astonishing sight:   a series of dunes forming dazzling golden columns all along the beach will make your excursion a truly unique experience.  Some visitors will make it even more exciting by motor cross:   ascending and descending these dunes at full speed.  You can rent motorcycles in Chachalacas.

Isla de sacrificios

             During your visit to the coastal lake of La Mancha, you will arrive at the ecological reserve and the Center of Coastal Research managed by the Instituto de Ecología A.C., an ecological organization.  The reserve, on the strip of land located between Chachalacas and Villa Rica, comprises several coastal ecosystems ranging from sand dunes to mangroves and bomb ax trees.  This spot is well known as a nesting place for birds of prey.

                  Further ahead, we return to the barren plains where the gentle tide seems to caress the sand on the long beaches.  Here on the Emerald Coast, there are several small and medium-sized hotels where we can sped a few peaceful days and also enjoy the surprisingly refined local delicacies in an informal atmosphere.



                 On the banks of the Nautla river, there is a small village with a 19th –century atmosphere and personality all its own, both in its architecture –which at one time was a faithful reproduction of the European style- as in its gastronomy, widely known throughout the region because it combines tropical ingredients with typical French country flavors.  For example, there is an extensive selection of cheese and liquor, banana omelet and shrimp bisque, among other culinary curiosities.  This oasis was created by a group of hard-working French settlers who desiccated the swamps and transformed them into fertile orchards and farms.

                  Its environs contain huge banana and lemon plantations and a marvelous region filled with estuaries and mangroves, known as La Ciénega del Fuerte springing up near the vast plains of Martínez de la Torre.  This area reaches the outlet in the small village of Casitas, where you can admire the impressive vastness of the ocean and visit El Cocal, a residential development and resort.   



                  If the imagination could reach as far as the eye can see, it would discover in Tamiahua this boundless natural setting.  This huge, beautiful lagoon, the third larges in Mexico, creates a series of ponds dotted with the green islets and the huge flocks of birds, imbuing it with a life of its own.

                  It is certainly well worthwhile to visit this remote spot between the Tuxpan and the Páunco rivers and explore its 52 miles starting out from the path in Tuxpan that leads us, in half an hour, to the banks of the lake.

                  Another way of appreciating this marvelous landscape is to take a pleasant boat ride among the islands, estuaries and the Corazones sand bar and come out through the mouth that joins the sea.  If during your journey, you come upon a huge nesting place, you will have arrived at the island known as La Pajarera.  Skin divers will find in Isla Lobos a genuine paradise, surrounded by a chain of coral reefs.

                  This is a bounteous place indeed, ideal for breeding oysters, clams and shrimp in its coastlines and estuaries that contain a wide array of marine species, from the varying depths of the ocean ranging from dolphins and gray smoothound shark to manta rays, huge sea bass, and little snook, among many other species.


                In addition to this wide range of options in the Huasteca region, we have the delectable prospect of sampling the local cuisine, since Tamiahua is the gastronomic capital of northern Veracruz.  You can begin with fresh broccoli stuffed with dogfish or crab, loin quesadillas, breaded shrimp, the huge zacahuil tamales of the region, wrapped in banana leaves; oysters, either fresh or smoked seasoned with pepper, accompanied by enchiladas in pipián sauce and a wonderful shrimp broth with green tortilla dough known as huatape.

                  These dishes are only a very small sample of the Huasteca region’s extraordinary culinary diversity, with its marked Afro-Cuban influence.  You can spend hours on end, listening to a huapango punctuated with the endless chatter of its inhabitants and savoring its local delicacies and magnificent scenery.

 RainTRAVEL TIP:  If you plan to visit Veracruz Coast Line, please take into consideration that the dominant climate is tropical subhumid presenting summer showers.  The annual media temperature is 26°.  And take the apropriate care with insects, there are a lot.

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